Tuesday, February 26, 2008

media bomb...

First of all ..yeah, i'm changing the default language.
Some requirements made up up my mind so....i'm

Second of all i just came from DC., where i finally
had the chance to test the Sigma 70-300 APO
that i purchased in the last days of the already
gone year. And yes it is fabulous, or at least that's
my opinion. Without a tripod, with just "bare hands"
i've managed to shoot steadily a couple of hundred
frames without even noticing any discomfort.

Third of all..is it me or everything that is linked to
sports in this country has to be a marketing subject?
Don't get me wrong, i really enjoyed it ( until a
certain point that is) but it's already my 3rd NBA
game that i'm watching live and the show stole the
match by far. Go figure 'twas Wizards and Bobcats
not a playoff game( which btw i really want to see).
Plus, if one would want to watch the game, why in
the name of God would he go there and not sit really
comfortable in his own couch( the broadcasts are

Fourth and last: We all know that latino food rullz
the planet, We all know that European women and
wines are the best. Looking at the pictures i would
say that these statements are far away from being
only myths....or maybe it's the "glass's" fault...

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